Bit of fun…

January 31, 2010

Well last year I picked up a new sealed Transwarp GS.. Before I open it I thought it would be kool to see what was inside before I open it:). xray pics below 🙂

TDX Stereo Card – Jan Update

January 28, 2010

Ok firstly have been a bit slow this month with finalising the various bits that finish of the overall card. I have now got a prototype back plate completed and just trying to get price down for the manufacture

GS Stereo Laptop Card – PCB Layout

January 15, 2010

Today the PCB layout was completed for the first version of the Stereo card to be used in the GS laptop project. I will be checking over the schematic this weekend and make some text layout changes to the PCB layout before sending it to be made next week. This is a 2 layer board in a 76mm by 76mm PCB.

Top Layer

Bottom Layer

I have introduced a ground plane to improve grounding and reduce interference etc

All Layers

New Year updates…

January 5, 2010

Some New Year Updates

*Drew ][ TDX Card*
Now have some sample back plates and 15 PCBs have turned up 🙂

*Portable GS Stereo Card*
Have moved away from the LM386 pwr amps and now using a single dual power amp TDA2822M. This was primarily to keep component count down as the dual pwr amps are actually more expensive.

I am also testing with the DS1802 dual digital pot (this provides a single IC with mute function, but doesn’t remember the wiper position unike the DS1669 though its more designed for volume control). I would say I am almost there for a completed circuit and just ironing out some minor issues to avoid instability in the circuit.

It is looking like the prototype board for the GS laptop will consist of:-

  • MC14052B – DeMux
  • TL082 – Op Amp
  • DS1669 x 2 – Digital Pots
  • TDA2822 – Dual Pwr Amp

The GS Laptop project have tight timescales so at the moment focus is on this rather than the Drew ][ TDX card…

Michael Mahon has been a real mentor for this project and massive thanks goes out to him.