Drew ][ TDX 1.1

July 22, 2010

While I wait for the speakers to turn up for the laptop GS card, I have decided to look at the redesign of the TDX version 1.0 board. I am now looking at smaller board, with 2 layers (one for gound plane) and an onboard jack. I will also leave a connector on their so if anyone has a version 1.0 board they can use the existing connector (I will also be offering the connectors as well). This is an effort to get the boards cost down and offer them at a better price. Though the first board was offered for sale, this time round i would like to cover most of my costs ;-).

Currently looking something like this :-

www.drew2gs.com …looking less like a 5 year old put it together…

July 10, 2010

Well I realised the main site for the Drew ][ TDX was a bit shocking in terms of its look and feel. I had thought recently that one wasn’t needed due to my blog, but felt that the Drew ][ TDX does in fact need a home :). The new site was put together with RapidWeaver on the Mac, so now has a more professional feel and a shopping cart thanks to the RapidCart plugin (supports Paypal only).

No doubt over the coming weeks the site will go through more tweaks, but am happy that it is a 100% improvement over the old one :).


Drew ][ TDX – New Demux Switch

July 6, 2010

Ever since I started this project I had noticed a small issue where occasionally you would hear sound/artifact on the wrong channel. I noticed this most notably in the game Silpheed on the intro music…(believe me I spent a lot of time just sitting there listening to it lol). I had chosen to ignore this as my Audio Animator also did this, so I chose to accept that either I was hearing things and being rather anally retentive or hardware does something a little differently to emulation (All I could compare too). With the Apple IIGS Hardware guide also suggesting to use the MC14052 Demux I concluded that its just the way it is…

Well it seems the I chose to ignore my advice and recently picked up some other newer demux chips by Philips (74HC4052N and/or 74HCT4052N). These have a quicker switch rate than the MC15042B and are pin compatible and I was pleased to hear that the issue went away 🙂

I will look at sending out replacement demux switches FOC to everyone that purchased a card over the next few months and once the laptop cards gets all completed. You will then be able to just remove the MC14052 and drop in the new one. You probably won’t even notice the issue on your card when you using speakers as I spent a lot of time with headphones, which makes it more noticeable, so don’t panic 😉