Samsung T200HD

The issue of IIGS modern screen replacements came up in discussion again on CSA2, and it made me think about the Samsung T220HD LCD I had tried a while back. The Samsung as you probably gathered is a 22inch monitor with TV capabilities plus a load of different connection options including RGB Scart.  At the time i was impressed with the output of the IIGS on the monitor, but 22inch’s and the price (was ~£330 at the time) made me return it. I always said to myself i would pick up the smaller version when prices came down on ebay…well the post on CSA2 made me go shopping :). The screen itself was £139 delivered and as  I was also looking to make my PC dual screen it was a good excuse to spend some money 😉

Now as anyone who has looked at modern alternatives to a monitor for the GS will tell you RGB Scart is the closest you will get in terms of native output, mainly due to RGB scart supporting 15Khz. Unfortunately this is only really available in Europe and Australia. I have posted some pictures of the TV/Monitor as well as GS screen shots for anyone that is interested.

One thing to point out is initially though i got a GS output the LCD kept complaining that it had no signal, to resolve it i had to change the video sync to pin 3, which iirc is sync over composite (will update post when I confirm).

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