Sony PSOne LCD and Apple IIGS

June 26, 2012

One little project I have wanted to do is convert a Sony PSOne LCD for use with a IIGS. Now anyone that knows me here in the UK knows I am a little obsessed when it comes to smallish TVs and RGB Scart. I always look at them as possible IIGS monitors and have posted some of the ones i have found on here :).

After reading this a few years ago¬† the possibility of using a one of these little screens seemed a great idea, but i was always a bit put off with the work needed to get it working and the mess of wires…for what really won’t be used in any seriousness ūüôā

It wasn’t until reading this article¬†¬†that I actually picked one up as it meant the PSone LCD didn’t need to be opened up…my perfect type of project :D.

I was using a PAL version of the LCD and you need a Sony MultiAV cable which you can cannibalise with a female Scart adapter. Obviously this assumes you have either made a Scart cable up or bought one from

So in summary you need:-

  • Sony PSOne LCD with PSU- ¬£30 ebay…they vary though.
  • Sony MultiAV Cable – ¬£8 ebay…referred to as Guncon G-Con + AV Out Adapter Cable for PS1
  • Female Scart Socket – ¬£2, bought a complete Scart extender on ebay and just cut the end off and then soldered everything together
  • Ipad Stand – ¬£1 pound land, works well ūüôā
  • Scart Cable – See Vintageware
Pin Outs I used are:-

Anything that is 320 by 200 looks good on the little screen, as the resolution of the LCD isn’t too far off that. GS/OS as you can see suffers, but its still very usable. You will also get mono sound via the default cable, but I plan to modify the cable to allow connecting a stereo cable to the scart socket.