September 16, 2009

One thing i fondly remember was opening my GS (ROM01 model in coloured packaging) in late 1989 and the excitement of getting my first computer. Over the years i have collected a number of used GSs all of various ages, models and shades of yellow. I have a couple which are not too badly discoloured, but i really liked the original platinum colour of the GS and have wanted to get one in original colour.

A boxed unused ROM03 GS was listed on ebay recently and i was lucky enought to win it :). I was actually surprised i won it as its the first one i have seen on ebay since i have started looking and was expecting it to go for lots more. The box isn’t great (though its complete and still sturdy) and inside its missing the mouse (shame) and one of the system disks, but apart from that the manuals are sealed with a Tour disk, and System tools disk as well as new keyboard and ADB cable all bagged up.

The GS is as new and there is not a mark on it, with totally original colour and shiny and new inside as well as outside. It was like christmas :-). I did power it up and all self tests worked.:-)

New Transwarp GS

September 16, 2009

Over the years i have replaced bits in my main GS (yes i have many lol) to bring it up to date…well as best you can a 20+ year old computer. I have replaced the PSU with modern mini ATX (using LittlePower GS) and used CFFA cards to use a CF as an HDD. I still enjoy the feeling of something original and one item i have been looking for over the last 15 years is a boxed Transwarp GS card (as well as a new GS in a box…more of that in a bit)

I was lucky enough recently to get the opportunity to buy a brand new unopened one :). It wasn’t cheap and I have yet to open it as I have also acquired a used Transwarp GS card which i am currently using. I don’t plan to keep it sealed and will be opening it shortly once other retro projects get completed.